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X-Men: Days of Future Past, Trailer 2

Posted March 24, 2014 | Categories: Movies | Tags: ,

Mystique from X-Men: First Class

Mystique from X-Men: First Class

It seems that Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) will play a larger role in this film than in X-Men: First Class — not too surprising, given her precipitous rise to stardom. I’ve been really happy with the recasting of Mystique, because while I generally liked Rebecca Romijn’s portrayal of Mystique, Lawrence plays a much more relatable version of the some-day-villainess (admittedly, that has more to do with how the role was written). I’m wondering if we won’t see a more cynical, Romijn-esque version of the character in the scenes of DoFP that are set in the future. Given Mystique’s immunity to aging, I think it will be interesting to see the same actress demonstrate discernibly different personalities within the context of her character’s inexperience/experience.

As if Mystique’s seemingly expanded role weren’t enough to be excited about, Tyrion Bolivar Trask finally brings us Sentinels! And am I the only one digging Charles’ full-on American Hustle-esque hairstyle?


  1. I remember seeing panels from Days of Future Past but I’ve never actually read it. (remedying that now, yay Unlimited again)

    It’s odd that they changed it from Kitty to Wolverine who sends their consciousness into the past, but this is Hollywood and why have a female character do something in an action movie when you can have a male do it. Especially a male character who seems to be saturating the movie side of things as much as he did the comic side of things.

    Either way the trailer still gave me chills. I can’t wait. I loved First Class and I loved all the actors playing the characters in that, especially Jennifer Lawrence.

    • I suspect they decided to use Wolverine because his character does not age and so it makes sense for him to look the same in past and future. Nonetheless, I would have preferred they have Ellen Page star and cast someone as an older Kitty. It isn’t like they didn’t cast two Magnetos and two Xaviers, after all. They’ve wrapped themselves so firmly up with Hugh Jackman; I wish they could appreciate the value of having another viable (female) protagonist.

      Or just imagine how gratifying it would have been to have Anna Paquin’s dishwater Rogue juxtaposed with a much older, battle-hardened version of the character in control of her powers. (Maybe Charlize Theron could do it, although I think I’d rather save her for headlining a Ms. Marvel film.)

  2. Don’t know how much I like the idea of Mystique’s expanded role. Its more Hollywood politics than organic progression. They want to keep her, beyond her contract so they expand her role as a way to satisfy her. Did the same with Wolverine (that worked) and then with Fasbender’s Magneto. If they could have seen how much Fasbender was going to skyrocket believe me, First Class would have ended differently. They would prolonged his descent into villainy for several movies so they could keep calling it X-Men, while continuing to have him front and center.

    • Hollywood politics are making them a lot of money, though, so there’s a strong incentive to continue emphasizing the more successful/popular actors. Those keystone actors — Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence — command a high price tag. If I were paying a premium for a particular character, I would definitely make him earn it by featuring him as a larger part of the story. On the plus side, they will draw many more people to the theater who might have otherwise passed on the film. As an example, my mother-in-law has seen (and thoroughly enjoyed!) all three Iron Man movies but had no idea who he or the Avengers were prior to the first film. Now if only they’d cast a super star for the parts you or I like best (nothing wrong with Taylor Kirsch, but he’s no superstar)!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! It’s appreciated. 🙂

  3. I’m trying to think of who my top pick for Gambit would be. Celeste votes for Jared Padalecki because cheekbones and long hair. I wonder if Kit Harington (Jon Snow) could pull off the accent, though he’s a little young.

    • Omigosh, I was *this* close to suggesting Kit Harrington for Gambit … but the goal was to find super stars, and he isn’t there, yet. DiCaprio is great, but I don’t think he has the right presence. What about Christian Bale? I realize he’s not an Adonis, but I think he’s attractive enough and 95% of his attractiveness is his — in my opinion — inimitable acting ability. Might be too pedestrian of a part of either actor, but a girl can dream. (I haven’t watched Supernatural, so I’m regrettably unfamiliar with Jared Padalecki.) What about Bradley Cooper? He has the right scruffy look and he can pull off a character that isn’t to be taken 100% seriously.

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